MBA Ministry

Christy Vines

President and CEO, Ideos Institute

Christy Vines is the president and CEO of Ideos Institute, and is known for her unique perspective on faith, society, and culture, as well as her ability to help people bridge differences and connect more authentically. In 2015, Christy left the field of religious conflict and extremism to focus on the advancement of the burgeoning field of empathic intelligence and to find answers to the disconnections, biases, and misperceptions that often underlie conflict in the first place. She now leads the organization’s research and its application to the fields of conflict transformation, social cohesion, communal resiliency, and servant leadership. Christy is also a published writer, speaker, and the executive producer of the 2022 documentary film, “Dialogue Lab: America,” a moving take on the current state of division and polarization in the U.S. 

Christy has appeared on podcasts like How Do We Fix It and Bob Goff’s Dream Big Podcast, with articles and op-eds published in the Washington Post, Christianity Today, and Capital Commentary. She holds a Masters Degree in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School and is currently working on her first book on empathy, culture, and the fight for the soul of the evangelical church in America.