MBA Ministry

Emmanuel Brown

Co-Founder of ChurchSpace

Meet Emmanuel Brown, the co-founder of ChurchSpace, a NYC native, and first-gen entrepreneur on a mission. ChurchSpace, known as the “Airbnb for churches,” transforms underutilized church spaces into vibrant hubs for events, work, and gatherings. Emmanuel’s impact is recognized in Black Enterprise 40 Under 40 2023 and the 2024 Black Tech Effect Report’s top 100 black-led startups. Alongside his co-founder, he has been featured in the Washington Post, Houston Business Journal, Religion News and the 700 Club for the impact that ChurchSpace is creating nationally.

Beyond accolades, Emmanuel mentors first-time underrepresented founders and founders of faith, contributing to the next wave of entrepreneurs. His superpowers? Untangling complex problems, providing clarity that empowers, and leaving indelible marks in the lives of people.

From scaling a business in his high school bathroom to catalyzing startup growth since 2015, Emmanuel continues to push the envelope in the faith-tech category. As a pastor’s kid, husband and minister of the Gospel at Living Water Church, he’s doing more than transforming spaces; he’s reshaping industries and systems for God’s glory.

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