MBA Ministry

Gregory White

Co-Founder and CTO at Continuum

Greg, originally from Portland, Oregon, began his academic journey at Lehigh University, focusing on energy engineering and international politics. Opting for a more hands-on approach to technology, he left university to attend a coding bootcamp, equipping himself with the practical skills needed to build and innovate.

In his professional career, Greg has worked extensively as a programmer doing web development, DevOps, Cybersecurity, and Privacy work.

Greg co-founded Continuum, a marketplace for part-time executive work. Continuum brings technology to the executive recruiting market which has long been plagued by high prices and difficulty coordinating meritocratic hiring.

Following this, he established FairComp, a company dedicated to putting the tools and power back into the hands of employees while they work to negotiate better pay. This venture aligns with Greg’s commitment to developing technology that positively impacts society and addresses real-world challenges.

Greg’s goals professionally are to add fairness and abundance to the world through business via entrepreneurship.

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